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Register your Organisation here, the Official CPD Register records all employers who can demonstrate a process and protocol for adherence to Continuing Professional Development of the staff and colleagues.
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About the Register

Almost every profession that you can name will now have a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) protocol, it is seen to better the individual professional along with their employer. The Official CPD Register (OCR) has been created to assist every sector within the UK, every business and every professional operating within it. A key part of CPD is to make visible the work and training undertaken by an individual, however many businesses both large and small do not have a place to demonstrate their adherence to set CPD protocols or the achievements of their colleagues and staff.

The Official CPD Register has been created to enhance, continue and maintain robust standards across the various sectors of industry. It is a fundamental part of being a professional to undertake CPD.

The register is open to all Organisations and Professionals who operate within the UK and who meet the standards for publishing their CPD. We have designed this site to be extremely user-friendly and ultra-secure benefiting both the Organisation and the Individual alike.

Organisations who operate within the UK must first register with the OCR, registration involves meeting the criteria set out by the Government and making necessary commitments to support their staff. Registration to the OCR operates on an annual basis, however Individuals recording their CPD online with the OCR are free transit in and out, however to truly benefit the professional we advise that a constant record is maintained.

During the registration process, Organisations are required to state the quantity of professionals who will use the OCR service. There are no charges for an employee to use the OCR provided they are employed by an Organisation who is registered.

The register also has an ‘open portal’, essentially this means that external verification can take place by Government and awarding bodies for example. It can also be used by a various business sectors who may be looking to find a firm who operates and can demonstrate their commitment to CPD.

What is CPD?

CPD is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help an individual manage their own learning and growth. The focus of CPD is firmly on results – the benefits that professional development can bring in the real world. Perhaps the most important message is that one size doesn’t fit all. Wherever a person is within their career and whatever they want to achieve, their CPD should be personal.

We’re not concerned with how much time is spent on training courses or how many boxes can be ticked on a form. CPD is about capturing useful experiences and assessing the practical benefits of what has been learned. There is one decisive question that an individual should ask to evaluate every piece of learning: ‘what can you do now that you couldn’t do before?’ Similarly, when recording their CPD, it’s the value of the activity that counts. It’s not what they did, but how they use all that has been learned.

Why is CPD important?

Along with ‘on the job learning’, CPD helps to ensure an employee’s competence over the course of their career. Whilst it is acknowledged that a certain amount of learning can be achieved ‘on the job’, it is widely recognised that regular formal education and training is necessary to supplement and enhance such learning.

Key benefits of Continuing Professional Development

  • Those who take a planned approach to skills development tend to move up the career ladder more quickly and in a direction of their choosing. Planning CPD in advance means that it is more likely to be relevant to your working life.
  • A record of CPD can provide evidence of competence – to draw upon for reviews, promotions, interviews and, when necessary, regulatory requirements.
  • CPD allows the industry to demonstrate that all members and at each level are competent and keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date.
  • CPD should provide you with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that you need to have to perform effectively and competently in your role and to meet the expectations placed on you by your employers, colleagues and others who are on the registered.
  • CPD can add to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that you already have.  There is always a need to learn and develop – age, seniority, expertise and unemployment are not barriers to undertaking CPD.

Registration Benefits

Your customers/clients along with governing and awarding bodies, will at some point want to see, that as an employer you have invested in the development of your people and colleagues. Thousands of employers up and down the country now see the benefits of investing and having visible their commitment to CPD practices and protocols.

This register is unique in that we invite the Organisation to register and commit to certain CPD disciplines and protocols along with the Individual Professional. We then link both of these in the viewable search results. This makes the process of auditing an organisations CPD compliance so easy, search for an Organisation and it will display all of their staff and the individuals CPD work.

The UK Government has

Having committed to providing an environment of support to your staff is the first step. Having the ability to make visible your compliance to CPD standards

Registration Information

Registration is open to any employer who can demonstrate a compliance to certain Governmental CPD Standards. Registering your business or legal entity here and it will make the auditing and display process easier and more open.

When you register your business or organisation you will be given a unique Individual Registration Code (IRC). Individuals who wish to join the register will need to have your IRC and within their registration process will be required to ‘link’ themselves to you as the Organisation.

About the Search and Map features

As you enter details about your organisation, you will also have the opportunity to locate your main place of business on to a Google map. This is an added search facility and useful should your clients or auditors which to find you.

Registration Fees

Businesses and Organisations who can meet certain CPD criteria are invited to join the Official CPD Register. Registration fees apply only to the Organisation and are dependent on the quantity of individuals being registered. To obtain a costing for your Organisation please click here