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Why your training business needs to be CPD Accredited in numbers

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There are 1600 professional bodies in the UK alone. Each has its own membership with varying membership and CPD requirements.


There are 5 million individuals undergoing CPD or in CPD Schemes in the UK.

15 to 20

Each professional undergoing CPD in the UK will average 15 to 20 hours of CPD every year


This all means that there are over 12 million days of CPD undertaken in the UK every year.

6 weeks

The time it takes an organisation to become accredited with The CPD Standards Office

9.2 weeks

The average time it takes to cover the cost of accreditation from The CPD Standards Office


The average increase in delegate satisfaction from a non-accredited course to an accredited course.

192 seconds

The average time it takes a training organisation to understand the value of becoming CPD Accredited.